Therapy Services

Individual – If you need help with relationships, depression, addictions, history of abuse, anxiety, career decision making, family relationships and many more emotional concerns that life may present.

Couples – If you need help communicating with your partner then couples therapy could be of benefit to you.  Couples therapy provides space to develop a greater insight into each other, learn how to communicate, resolve conflict, and explore/develop your sexual relationship

Families – If you need help expressing needs in a safe/supportive environment, want to address issues of discipline, parental separation and loss, coping with a recent diagnosis of mental illness affecting the entire family, or issues of an inter-generational nature, to give but a few examples, then Family therapy could be beneficial to you.

Psychosexual Therapy – known as PST, is treatment which addresses a sexual dysfunction or emotional block within a sexual relationship. Together we look at physiological and psychological problems which are causing sexual difficulties. Some areas covered:

  • General breakdown in a couple’s sexual relationship
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Painful penetration
  • Difficulties  with orgasm
  • Arousal disorders
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation

PST is open to adults of all ages: lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight; married or unmarried. If you have a sexual partner my preference is that you attend sessions together, because sexual and relationship difficulties are usually influenced and interrelated within the relationship.  If you don’t have a sexual partner at this time, or s/he is not willing to attend, it could still be beneficial to attend sessions on your own.

Training – able to deliver training on a variety of issues within the social care setting to include, risk assessment, working with self-harming behaviour, peer on peer sexually harmful behaviour, drug & alcohol use, attachment and loss, sexual exploitation.  Other training services are available on request.

Primary and Secondary School Packages – I am also able to offer packages of care to primary and secondary schools to help them support emotional and mental health needs within their schools.